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What this blog will be about? This blog will be about me and my journey into webdev world. My education is pretty far from CS - I’m geologist MSc and unfinished MSC of Petroleum Engineering. Due to current changes in the world I decided to take some courses and try to change my career path into software/web development. Occasionally you can find some articles on personal challenges, like “30 days without alcohol”, which still lasts from June 2014, and about my mentionable achievements in running. I can brag that this year I participated in 6 hours run and my distance was 59,830 km, also I run in 50 km road race and finished at 4:05:00 and run one trail marathon in 4:25:00.

Computers are not aliens to me. First rendezvous was back in early 1990’s during school years. During computer science classes I learn how to code in Turbo Pascal. Physically computers were in another school and I had access every second week. It were TURBO86M - I can’t recall specs but these where PC/XT class soviet made personal computers. To use the time with computer at maximum efficiency, I wrote program code by hand in my notebook. For my typing speed efficiency I had hand-drawn keyboard layout on a sheet of paper and daily practiced “typing” some text on it, so when I had access to the computer, I entered the program code as fast as I can (usually fastest in my class) and started debugging ant tweaking programs.

At university I used Borland QuatroPro for statistical analysis and both FoxPro and Paradox databases on various XT and AT computers. During early 2000’s I got familiar with blogging and WordPress and gained some basic PHP, HTML and CSS understandings, had some side projects to create WordPress sites. Recently I used R and RStudio for data management and visualization in my Petroleum engineering jobs and took some FreeCodeCamp and Udemy courses on Web development (HTML, CSS, JS, D3), Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

I see my path to start career in webdev as some side projects in the beginning, also some remote internship could be considerable options. If you would like to join me in this journey, or if you have anything to propose, just drop an email to anthroposamu at gmail dotcom.



Learning RoR dev

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